Marrs Poodles
​ Specializing in Dark Red Poodles

   My love for standard poodles started at a young age.  During my childhood a close family friend shared their passion of breeding standard poodles with me.  At every opportunity I would visit to learn about the joy that is breeding poodles.  During these frequent visits I spent almost all my time playing with both the puppies and their mother in the whelping box.  My only negative memories of that time were having to leave! My parents usually had to drag me away.  I still have fond memories of those amazing times and the endearing smell of puppy breath.  

  Eventually I grew up, got married and began my story but never forgot my love for breeding; breeding of standard poodles that is.  From the beginning my husband knew of and supported my passion for breeding and of my desire to pursue this privilege.  At this point my primary obstacle was our not having a home that suited the needs of and would permit breeding, but that was about to change.  An opportunity led our family to Missouri where we were soon able to buy our first home.  After the initial financial shock of purchasing a home had eased somewhat I restated my intentions to pursue my dream of breeding standard poodles.  My husband thankfully was very supportive of not only my desire to pursue breeding but also of rearing those beautiful babies indoors unlike the shameful puppy mills and irresponsible breeders that exist today.  As the years have passed we have shared our home and our love with many poodles.  In addition to refining our breeding lines and learning so very much about animal care, I have made great strides in assisting in finding homes for a number of rescued poodles.  I have found joy, when my circumstances would allow, in fostering some poodles that were truly in need.  After all my positive experiences with this amazing breed my passion has grown into more of an obsession.  In our home one would find art, calendars, figurines and blankets all with a poodle theme.

Our home is located in a rural area with five acres of land.  This affords our poodles plenty of room to roam and play.  Our dogs are an integral part of our family.  At night, as we drift to sleep, we always have at least one furry family member to keep us warm.  Our poodles take a field trip to visit their groomer every two weeks like clockwork.  Since we are not actively involved in showing, our dogs do not receive the extreme "frou frou" haircuts.  We do not have or use any outdoor kennels or buildings to house our poodles.  Our dams remain in our home, under my watchful eye all the way up to and after birth.  They then rear and raise their puppies in our home as well.  I have a strict policy that our girls never have and never will be left alone to whelp their puppies.  Since my goal as a breeder is to share the joys of living with the amazing breed that poodles are, I ensure that the new puppies are handled and interacted with by multiple persons daily.  This critical process of socialization at this very young age results in very well mannered and mild tempered poodles that fit wonderfully into an existing family.

For many years we have admired poodles with a dark red coat, but have waited patiently to find just the right fit that was in line with our values and goal of an outstanding and pure red line.  I have spent countless hours researching  pedigrees, health records and anything else related to poodles that I could get my hands on.  As you can see, we are very proud of our poodles!

I feel that first and foremost it is my duty to be a conscientious and responsible breeder.  This means more than just breeding.  It means not only making breeding decisions that will improve the quality and temperament of our poodles but also going beyond this by having extensive health testing performed by board certified professionals before even considering a stud or dam for our breeding stock.  This allows us to provide you and your family with, not only a beautiful dog, but a physically healthy and sound puppy.  While all this due diligence and thorough care means that we won't always have puppies available, you and your family can rest assured that when we do, they are top notch!!

When I first started breeding in trying to keep with the popular long standing trends I docked the tails of my puppies.  Many would say that this practice is the breed standard.  However, after further experience and investigation I made an informed and educated decision to do this no longer.  Not only does tail docking open the possibility for additional difficulties for a young puppy but it also robs the future owner of one of the most beautiful features of standard poodles.  Many do not know that in some countries the practice of docking tails is outlawed.  I certainly hope that one day it will be illegal in this country as well.   After watching your new poodle grow into a beautiful adult you will see as well how excellently their tails compliment them!